Zombie Pigman
A Zombie Pigman
Some attributes
First Found in the Nether
Second Runs faster than player
Third Carries a weapon
Other attributes

Zombie Pigmen are enemies that are found in the game Minecraft. They are neutral mobs but become hostile if provoked. Zombie Pigmen are a tough threat in numbers. They usually spawn in groups of 2-5.


Zombie Pigmen are the most common mob. They are found in very large groups. These groups will usually contain a Baby Zombie Pigman which will usually be the patroller in the large group.


Zombie Pigman are able to spawn in the over world in one of two ways:

(1). If lightning strikes a pig, they will become a Zombie Pigman

(2). A nether portal that is large enough and active can bring them over but only one at a time.


It is not wise to attack them head on as they run 1.5 times faster than the player. They should be picked off one by one through a bow and arrow.


They can drop

  • Golden Nuggets
  • Golden Ingot (Rare)
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Feathers (Pocket Edition)
  • Carrots and Potatoes (Pocket Edition)
  • Golden Sword (Very Rare)
  • Enchanted Golden Sword (Very Rare)


If you throw a sword of better quality at them, they will drop their swords for yours.

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