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A Zombie with Gold Armor
Some attributes
First Very Common
Second Can pick up weapons
Third Can wear items
Other attributes

Zombies are hostile mobs in the game Minecraft. They are one of the most common mobs in the game. They have a tendency to spawn in groups of 2-4.


Zombies will spawn anywhere where the light level is lower than 7. This includes night time and in caves. They can also spawn in dungeons. This chance is 50%.


  • Rotten Flesh
  • Armor, if equipped
  • Any item it has on
  • Iron Shovel (Rare)
  • Potato (Rare)
  • Carrots (Rare)
  • Feathers (Pocket Edition Only)

Pocket EditionEdit

Zombies are a little different in Pocket Edition. They drop feathers rather than rotten flesh. They can kill Villagers but they will not transform them. They cannot pick up weapons nor armor. They spawn in groups as well. They cannot pick weapons such as swords and shovels.


  • With Villagers => They will attempt to kill them
  • With Skeletons => Neutral towards them but become hostile if the skeleton hits them
  • With Players => Always Hostile


Since beta versions of Minecraft, Zombies have become more difficult. They can wear armor absorbing more damage. Players should attack from a distance but close combat can still take care of the task.


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