Wither Skeleton
A Wither Skeleton
Some attributes
First Nether only
Second Uses a Sword
Third Drops a rare yet crucial item
Other attributes

Wither Skeletons are enemies from Minecraft. They are only found in the hellish domain of the Nether. They are stronger than a normal skeletons. They have a low chance of dropping their head which can be used for creating the Wither.


They spawn in the Nether. They can be found inside some Nether Fortresses. They roam the halls inside the fortresses.


The player should try attack from a distance as close combat can be a little dangerous sometimes. The player can also try going in an area where the Skeleton does not fit in.


Although the chance is lower than 1%, A Wither Skeleton can become a jockey if a spider is spawned in the Nether.

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