The Wither
The Wither
Some attributes
First Boss Mob
Second 300 Hearts
Third Drops Nether Star
Other attributes

The Wither is an enemy from the game Minecraft. It is one of two boss mobs in the game, the other being the Ender Dragon. It drops a crucial item upon defeat.


Withers do not spawn naturally in the over world. They must be created by the player. It is crafted by 4 soul sand in a T shape and three wither heads on each block. This will cause it spawn. As it spawns, it will only have half health but will regenerate it quickly for a few seconds. The Wither is also nicknamed the Nether Boss.


Upon it's death, the Wither will drop 1 Nether Star which can be used to craft a beacon.


The Wither can be an extremely difficult opposition due to it's large amount of health and the Wither Effect it causes. The player should have a full set of diamond armor and powerful and enchanted weapons. Golden Apples and other good foods should be taken. If a player has another player with him/her, it increase chance of winning.


Minecraft - Wither Boss Fight! (Hard Mode!)

Minecraft - Wither Boss Fight! (Hard Mode!)

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