The sprite of the WoF.

The Wall Of Flesh is a Terraria boss, and the final Pre-hardmode boss a player will face, as killing it activates Hardmode. When killed, it drops a lot of loot including the Pwnhammer, which is required to break Demon Alters and unlock Hardmode Ores.

Spawn Edit

In the PC and Console versions of Terraria, the Guide voodoo doll must be dropped into lava, killing the guide and summoning the boss.

In Terraria Mobile, to spawn in the WoF, the Guide Voodoo Doll must be tapped on while in the Underworld and while the guide is alive. The Wall of Flesh will then spawn and approach from either the left or the right side of the Underworld.

Appearance Edit

The Wall of Flesh appears to be rightfully named, as it is a big wall consistring of two big eye and a mouth, the mouth with 10 defense and the eyes with none. 

Aftermath Edit

After the Wall of Flesh is destroyed, the loot is left in a cage built out of Demonite Bricks. 

Trivia Edit

  • The WoF gets faster as it gets more hurt.