Some attributes
First Basic Zombies in game.
Second Different Types
Third Fast, Slow, Powerful or Weak.
Other attributes

Walkers (or just Zombies) are the main enemies found in Dead Trigger 2. They are the most basic of zombies and can be killed in a few hits, if not one.


  • Normal - Green Eyes, weak strength. Slow or Medium Speed.
  • Red Eye - Red Glowing Eyes. Faster and stronger than normal ones.
  • Armed - Same as Red Eyed Zombies except they deal much more damage because they use a metal pole or weapon.
  • SWAT - Walkers except with SWAT Armor and less vulnerable to firearms. They also have more health than the average zombie.


They can usually be killed in 1-3 hits unless your weapon is not powerful enough compared to their level. If the player isn't strong enough, they will take multiple hits to kill.


All zombies will mutate after several missions or leveling up. They become more advanced, faster, and stronger. In the Africa Campaign, they will mutate very fast due to radiation there.

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