Toy Bonnie is an animatronic in Five Night's at Freddy's 2. It is the new and improved version of Bonnie from the original restaurant.


Bonnie will begin to move on Night 1 around 2-3 AM after the Phone Guy finishes his call. After that, he will move sooner. On Nights 3 and 4, Toy Bonnie will not be as active and rarely will enter the office. Toy Bonnie begins to pick up activity on Night 5 and 6. Toy Bonnie will move on the Custom Night depending on his al.


Toy Bonnie has a lighter blue color to him and has features that make him seem child friendly. Like the other toy animatronics, Toy Bonnie has facial recognition system and tied to a criminal database. He also has red cheeks and hazelnut colored eyes.


Bonnie will start on the stage (9th camera). He will then move to the Party Room near the air vents. He will follow the vents into the office where he may attack the player if the mask is not put on while he is right on the edge of the vents. If the player wards him off, Bonnie will repeat the cycle.


  • Toy Bonnie can be seen with a red electronic guitar in one of the party rooms.
  • Unlike Toy Freddy and Chica, Bonnie will not lose or dispose of his eyeballs/pupils.
  • Toy Bonnie has been confused by some players as female due to some of his feminine like features.
  • Toy Bonnie's pupils contract the closer he gets to the player.
  • Toy Bonnie appears in only two party rooms before preceding to the air vents.

Toy Bonnie also appears in Five Night's at Fuckboys. He is a tough mini boss with a large sum of health and heavy attacks.

Toy Bonnie also appears in the mash-up game Five Night's at Fuckboys 2. However, rather than being an enemy, he is an ally.

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