Spider Jockey
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A Spider Jockey
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First Rare Mobs
Second Can be in Survival Mode
Third Combo Mob
Other attributes

Spider Jockeys are enemies found in the game Minecraft. They are a rare occurrence in the over world. The chance is low but can still be found on the occasion. They are the one of three combo mobs in Minecraft.


The chance of one spawning in the Overworld is naturally low. If conditions are right, the Skeleton will be able to ride on the Spider. Even rarer jockeys are Wither Jockeys.


The jockey has the abilities of both a spider and a skeleton. It can shoot arrows, climb walls and pounce making a tough mob. It is treated as two mobs, a separate skeleton and spider.


The drops are the same for a skeleton (bones, arrows, bows, XP) and a spider (string, spider eyes, XP).

Pocket EditionEdit

They were added in Alpha 0.11.0 having the same abilities as the counterparts in the PC and Console versions. They do not drop spider eyes however.

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