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A Spider
Some attributes
First Spider Mob
Second Can Climb Walls
Third Drops some items
Other attributes

Spiders are hostile mobs in Minecraft. They can spawn anywhere where it is dark enough or through Dungeons. Spiders are a little more capable of some things compared to other mobs.

Pocket EditionEdit

In MCPE, Spiders do not run as fast. They can climb. Currently, Spiders will spawn in Abandoned Mineshafts instead of Cave Spiders. Spiders do not drop Spider Eyes either.


They will spawn anywhere where it is below 7 in light levels. In Sunlight, they are neutral.


They are hostile in light levels below 7 or if provoked.

They are neutral in light levels above 7.

They can climb vertically on a wall without a ladder if no block is placed above.


  • String => Used for wool, bows.
  • Spider Eyes => Brewing. Can be eaten but causes food poisoning.
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