Where's my money Tommy?


Sonny Forelli
Some attributes
First Deceased
Second Mafian
Third Killed by Tommy
Other attributes

Sonny Forelli is one of three major antagonists in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is killed by Tommy at the end of the game along with Lance.

Phone CallsEdit

Throughout the game, Sonny will call Tommy about getting his money back and hassles him most of the time. Sonny's calls are usually sarcastic yet serious most times. Sonny will make about 6 phone calls throughout the game.


Sonny's mafia first appears attempting to steal money from Tommy's businesses. Tommy thwarts the plot and then Tommy decides to finally pay Sonny. In the mission "Keep Your Friends Close", Lance betrays Tommy and both Sonny and Lance attempt to kill Tommy. After dealing with Lance, Tommy kills Sonny. Then both Tommy and his lawyer Kent, manage to survive the attack.

GTA VC Enemies

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