Smaug was an evil fire-breathing dragon in J.R.R Tolkien's novel 'The Hobbit' and also the Hobbit Film trilogy.

Smaug in The Battle of the Five Armies

He had taken over the Dwarwish kingdom of Erebor, and had destroyed many cities before he was killed by Bard the Bowman when he attacked Lake-Town.


Smaug attacked Erebor and Dale when the Dwarf king Thror ruled he killed many and plundered Erebor, and since lay on all the Dwarwish gold.

When Thorin Oakenshield, the new dwarf king came to reclaim Erebor, he sent Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit to reclaim the Arkenstone that Smaug guarded. This failed, and Smaug headed out to destroy Lake-Town. Fortunately, Bard, a local Bowman, killed the Dragon using a Black Arrow, piercing its weak spot.


  • Smaug was almost burried alive in molten gold by Thorin.
  • He had a keen sense of smell and could sense the Hobbit even when invisible.

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