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Slime Mob
Some attributes
First A semi rare mob
Second Three types
Third Drops Slimeballs
Other attributes

Slimes are hostile mobs in the game Minecraft. They are semi - rare enemies but can be found in some ways. Slimes also have a nether version called the Magma Cube. There are three sizes of slimes.


Slimes can come in small, medium, and Large. Small cubes will not break up but drop slime balls. Medium Slimes will break into small cubes. Large ones will break up into medium cubes.


They can spawn in multiple ways:

  • In Grass Superflat Worlds
  • Deep Underground
  • At night time in Swamp Biomes


Slimes will drop slime balls upon their death, which can be used to craft a sticky piston and slime block.

Pocket EditionEdit

Slimes do not bounce as high. They don't drop slimeballs unlike console and PC. The sounds they make are more dated than PC is. They spawn more rarely as well.

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