A Skeleton
Some attributes
First Shoots from a distance
Second Uses a Bow
Third Bow has a chance of enchantment
Other attributes

Skeletons are a mob from the game Minecraft. They are undead mobs similar to a Zombie. Skeletons attack from a long range. They are capable of dealing a mass amount of damage to the player, especially in groups.


Skeletons will spawn anywhere where it is dark enough and space is provided. They spawn in light levels under 7 and in dungeons.


Skeletons have a 25% chance of spawning from a Dungeon. Potentially, one of four dungeons may be a skeleton one.


They can drop several items:

  • Arrow (common)
  • Bone (common)
  • Bow (rare)
  • Enchanted Bow (very rare)
  • Discs (if a Creeper is killed by a Skeleton)
  • Skeleton Head (if killed by a charged creeper)

Pocket EditionEdit

In Pocket Edition, Skeletons Al level is not as high as PC's. They do not run as fast nor do they shoot as fast. They still have a good path-following Al though. Skeletons do not try to reach shade or water while sunlight is up. They cannot pick up pumpkins or other materials.

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