Go Dark and Breach!

–A Unit of the HQ

Shadow Company HQ
Several SC Soldiers
Some attributes
First Works for Shepherd
Second Multiple Firearms
Third 4 missions
Other attributes

The Shadow Company is an army force that works for Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2. They are enemies despite working for the US Army.


After the mission Contingency, Shepherd receives a blank check which he uses to recruit his own force, which is now the Shadow Company.


Loose EndsEdit

At the End of the mission, Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Lieutenant "Ghost" make their way to Shepherd. Shepherd betrays them and two Shadow Corps soldiers come in and burn the two's dead bodies.

Enemy of my EnemyEdit

Soap McTavish fights through a warfare between the Shadow Company and Makarov's men. They will occasionally see the player and open fire forcing the player to fire at them as well.

Just Like Old TimesEdit

Soap McTavish and Price infiltrate the Shadow Company HQ and fight through them. They then chase down Shepherd.


The Shadow Company makes the final stand and attempts to protect Shepherd through a hazardous boat ride. Shepherd is killed by McTavish and the Shadow Company no longer appears in MW3.


The Shadow Company has solid weaponry

  • Riot Shield - Used in "Just Like Old Times"
  • Armed Vehicles - Used in Enemy of my Enemy against Makarov's men.
  • Explosives - Frag Grenades, Flashbangs, RPG-7s, and ATAs
  • Attack Helicopters - Used in Enemy of my Enemy
  • Assault Rifles - A variety of Assault Rifles are used by the Shadow Company such as the MP5K, SCAR-H, and more.
  • Shotguns - AA12 Shotgun, Spaz 12 Shotgun.