Scien Fist
Scien Fist
Some attributes
First Scientist like Zombie
Second Attacks through radiation
Third Takes little damage from gunshots
Other attributes
Fourth Weakness is Melee
Scien Fists are one of the enemies in the game Dead Trigger 2. They are a mini boss/special zombie in Dead Trigger.

They wear orange hazmat suits. They are quite capable of easily killing an off guard player due to the way they attack. They are very durable towards gunshots. It is recommended to use melee unless you are low in health or very vulnerable to attacks.


  • During Gameplay, on the loading menu, it says :"If you are suicidal enough, you can expose Scien Fists' weakness to melee.". This is true but it can be costly.


Health: Medium
Weakness: Melee Weapons
Rare? Somewhat. More common in Operations

Scienfist Dead Trigger 2 Scienfist
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