I live! Dickheads!

–Diaz at the end of "Guardian Angels"

Ricardo Diaz
Some attributes
First Diaz Gang
Second Deceased
Third Dies in Rub Out
Other attributes

Ricardo Diaz is one of three main bosses in GTA Vice City. He is killed in the mission "Rub Out" by Tommy and Lance after defeating his men.


Ricardo is a small man with a short fuse, getting pissed off easily in a matter of seconds. He tends to wear a red flower shirt and khakis. Ricardo is also a little bald on the sides of his head.


Working For RicardoEdit

Tommy has to successfully complete 5 missions before he can kill Diaz. The 1st is a car chase with a Shark member. The 2nd is a helicopter assault on the Shark Gang's mansion. The 3rd is the retrieval of the fastest boat from the boatyard. The 4th is a race to the boat from a freelancer who offers his arsenal to the first one there. The 5th is Death Row.

Death RowEdit

Tommy goes to the junkyard and rescues Lance. Tommy comments about how his careful planning was blown to shit because of Lance. The two escape and Lance is taken to the hospital.

Rub OutEdit

With two M4 Assault Rifles, Tommy and Lance infiltrate Diaz's mansion. The take down his men, kill Diaz and the tactical takeover of Vice City begins. Diaz's body is not shown after his death.

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