Racist Mario is Super Mario Bros. has been around for a long time. As a franchise, this meant that all sorts of games came as a result. On the other hand, this also meant that all sorts of parodies came as a result as well. Titled Racist Mario, this parody was one where the video game protagonist, one of the biggest icons in gaming, was portrayed as a jerk. This video started out with a crossover of Nintendo and Sega characters in a race. Suddenly, Mario used a Bob-bomb against Knuckles the Echidna, killing him. Luigi, Mario's brother, then stated that Mario took racing too seriously. What followed was Mario systematically killing off all of the racers on the track. First, as a reference to the Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Mario severely injured Anakin Skywalker. Then, Mario used an item cube to kill Yoshi by smashing it over his head. Next, Mario used a giant banana like a spear and shoved it through Donkey Kong's butt, killing him. After that, Mario turned into a Bullet Bill to destroy Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet Karting. Almost immediately after killing Sackboy, Mario seriously mauled Sonic the Hedgehog by using a spped booster to tear off bits of Sonic's face, incapacitating him. As a plot twist, rather than kill Luigi by incinerating him, Kratos from the God of War series used one of his blades to impale on his face, leaving Mario and Kratos as the only racers. Racist Mario the ended with Kratos killing Mario and impaling his eyeless face on a stick The Internet has and will always be an awesome source for creative content. You can write about anything you were interested in, see videos of actual episodes uploaded by others, watch movies, and see hilarious parodies. In regards to the parodies, the idea of seeing popular characters portrayed in different contexts were one source of parody that was interesting to look at. Sometimes, seeing other characters portrayed in a way that was completely the opposite of the source material could be something that people could enjoy for a long time. One example was the YouTube video Racist Mario, which parodied and mocked both the racing game franchise, and the idea of video games cross-overs all at once. Even the idea of certain sub-cultures could be parodied through song, like in the music video ME! ME! ME! And for an alternate interpretation of popular cartoons, one good example was Yu-G-Oh! Abridged, which took the content of an actual show and made of parody where the characters sounded completely different from how they were portrayed originally. With the advancement of the Internet, people gained many alternatives in how they could share their creations. Some of these creations may be surreal on some levels, but somebody thought people would like them And for fin Aye Sir The a Theme Finally Musical: Freaks The Mushroom Kingdom will never be the same... This is the GFX Index. After suggesting the implement of such feature it got denied due to being way too complicated to represent it, which in my opinion isn't that hard. Basically, you can find many graphics made by many people by just clicking on any of the following links. These links may redirect you to all threads where a graphic was posted by a determinated author, excluding the ones on the Request section of course. The main purpose of this feature is to allow users search for many graphics without searching all over the pages which may make the user feel rather lazy. Keep in mind though, that I may not link many people's GFXs due to my own lazyness, so in case you desire to ask your GFX to be listed here you'll have to request it via post or PM (preferibly via post). If you'd like to suggest something to make users feel even more confortable regarding link redirection feel free to suggest anything you'd like, but keep in mind I'm not up to way too complicated stuff. With this said search for anything you'd like to use. The Internet has become a good source of entertainment. Net Neutrality has made it so that people had the freedom to look at content with having to pay money. And while people could look at episodes that would normally be on the television, see other people play video games, and listen to music videos, looking at parodies was also a valid option for entertainment. Like with the video Racist Mario, where the viewer got to see various video game characters portrayed in ways that the creators of said video game characters could never get away with. As a music video that took a somewhat serious look at otaku culture, ME! ME! ME! parodied the life of a nerd and how isolating that lifestyle could be. Even parodies of actual cartoons like Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged were neat because the viewer could see a serious story portrayed as whimsically as possible. Which was not a bad thing.

Death & Video Edit

He was killed by Kratos.

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