The Phantom Puppet is one of several phantom hallucinations in Five Night's at Freddy's 3. Like some of the other the other Phantoms, the Puppet will become active on Night 3.


The Phantom Puppet has a similar appearance to the Puppet from Five Night's at Freddy's 2 with a few exceptions. Firstly, it has darker or burnt tone to it. It also has distinguishable white eyes from the second game which could only be seen by jump scaring the player.


On Night 3, the Puppet can be found on one camera. If the player shuts down the monitor rather than switching to a different camera, a loud noise similar to the Phantom Mangle is heard while the Puppet slides right in front of the player. For several seconds, the Puppet will follow the player on the screen preventing the use of the monitor or to fix any errors. After the Puppet disappears, it will cause a ventilation error and audio error.

Unlike the other Phantoms, the Puppet does not have a direct jump scare. In the time the Puppet prevents the player from checking their monitors, it allows Springtrap to get closer to the player.

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