Phantom Balloon Boy is an animatronic in the game Five Night's at Freddy's 3. He makes an appearance starting on night 2.


Phantom Balloon Boy looks more demonic and torn up from the Balloon Boy in the second game. His eyes are white while in the office but appear a dark brown when on the monitors. Phantom Balloon Boy also doesn't carry balloons.


Ballon Boy will become active on Night 2 as a hallucination by the player. If the player sees him on a camera, he/she must quickly switch over to a different camera. If the player does not do this and simply returns to the office, BB will jumpscare the player and cause a ventilation error. Balloon Boy becomes more active as the game progresses, especially on Nightmare mode.


As soon as the player puts down the monitor, Ballon Boy will lunge at the player, not killing him/her but simply causing an error that allows Springtrap time to kill the player.

Balloon Boy is a supporting antagonist in Five Night's at Fuckboy's 3. He aids Springtrap in destroying the Fazbear franchise.

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