Panzer Zombie
Some attributes
First Appearance as a SWAT Police
Second Quite a difficult opposition without good arsenal
Third Bulletproof Armor
Other attributes
Panzers are zombie enemies from Dead Trigger 2. They are a special zombie. They are quite strong. Panzers only sustain large damage while shooting them or meleeing them in the general rear area. They take a little damage from headshots but not enough. They will get flipped over if shot in the gut area if shot enough times.


Shoot Panzers in the buttocks area. They sustain a large amount of damage. They will barely sustain any damage whatsoever from bullets on other areas. Panzers will attack you by throwing you/swinging at you. Melee weapons won't do much regardless where they are hit.


Health Very High
Weakness Butt Shots
Rare? Somewhat. Still in missions

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