Patrol Investment Group
Some attributes
First "Security"
Second Street Gang
Third Armed
Other attributes

PIGs or Patrol Investment Group are a local street gang in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. They are similar to a security force but are corrupted by the streets. They are found in two areas of the games. PIGs are armed but they have weak firepower.


PIGs are found in Starfish Island and the first island of the game. On Starfish Island, they can be found patrolling the streets. They will occasionally clash with Vercetti's Gang or Diaz Gang. They will stop and kill Tommy if he sells "ice cream" in the local area. They can also be found close to the mall next to Prawn Island. They will clash with the Shark Gang around this area.


PIGs only carry a 9mm Pistol. They carry no other firearms except in missions. In Missions such the ones during the Vercetti Estate, they can be armed with sub machine guns.


PIGs are usually neutral towards Tommy. If Tommy deals drugs, kills them, or causes trouble, the PIGs will try to attempt to kill Tommy. Rarely, they will shoot Tommy for no apparent reason. However, they are usually hostile during missions or rampages.

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