Note: This Enemy is only available in a mod

Mutant Zombie
The Mutant Zombie
Some attributes
First It deals more damage, throws very high
Second Can summon normal Zombies
Third Mods
Other attributes

The Mutant Zombie is hostile mob that is in Minecraft. It can only be obtained through the Mutant Creatures Mod. The Mutant Zombie is much bigger and stronger than the normal zombie. Mutant Zombies also have a variety of attacks compared to a normal zombie. They are a dangerous threat to the player if unprepared.


  • Throw --> It will throw you high into the air causing fall damage.
  • Scream --> A loud shriek that stops the player as well as making it rain.
  • Summon --> It may summon several normal zombies.
  • Smash --> A powerful ground smash


It can only spawn once the Mutant Creatures Mod is installed for your PC. It is currently not in PE or Console.

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