Mutant Creeper
The Mutant Creeper
Some attributes
First Mutated Creeper
Second More Powerful, faster
Third Unique Attack Styles
Other attributes

Mutant Creepers are enemies that can only be fought in Minecraft. They can be only be fought through the use of modding the game. Mutant Creepers, like all the mutated enemies, are stronger than the normal version.


In order to find them, you must first install the Mutant Creatures Mod. Once that is done, they can be found in survival mode or spawned with their egg in creative mode.


It appears as a ginormous Creeper. There legs are bent and their head is leaned forward. They are easy to spot due to their huge size.


They have several unique attacks.

  • Summon - They will summon smaller Creepers
  • Mega Explosion - On Death, they will unleash a giant explosion.
  • Explosion - They explode near the player multiple times without dying.


It is best to approach from a high altitude and from afar. Close up combat is suicidal if not careful and not recommended. Be sure to wear armor and use strong weapons.

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