Time for the Lance Vance Dance!


Lance Vance
Some attributes
First Deceased
Second GTA Vice City
Third Betrayal
Other attributes

Lance Vance is one of three bosses in GTA Vice City. He betrays Tommy in the end of the game.


Lance wears a white suit with khakis. He wears shades in the loading screen but not in game. He also carries a firearm with him.


Lance has a signature white Infernus that he drives in most missions.


Beginning of GameEdit

Lance befriends Tommy and starts to keep a watchful eye on him. He continues to do this up to the mission "Guardian Angels".

Working for DiazEdit

Lance is a bit arrogant while working for Diaz. He ends up getting captured by Diaz's men who attempt to kill Lance. Out of breathing space, the two take out Diaz in one blow.

End of GameEdit

Lance reveals he was working for Sonny Forelli. He betrays Tommy only to fail in agony and death.


Tommy chases Lance up to the rooftop where Tommy executes Lance with a few other men. Sonny then meets the same fate in the foyer of the house.

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