This is my most erotic shot


Kent Swanson is a psychopath from Dead Rising 1. He is fought in the mission Photographer's Pride. Kent Swanson appears in 3 missions and dies on the final one.

Kent Swanson
Kent Swanson
Some attributes
First Cut from the same cloth, Photo Challenge, Photographer's Pride
Second Sparta Kick, Pistol
Third Photojournalist
Other attributes

Cut from the same clothEdit

Kent Swanson is first found in this mission. He is not an enemy, but teaches the player to the more advanced features of the camera.

Photo ChallengeEdit

Kent once again is not an enemy in this mission. He challenges Frank to take a picture of the most erotic thing he can find. If Frank succeeds in doing so, he will encounter Kent one last time, the next day by noon.

Photographer's PrideEdit

This is the mission where Kent turns on Frank. Kent attempts to take a shot of a zombie larvae inside a person. If Frank gets there by noon, he will stop Kent. If not, Kent kills the survivor. Regardless, Kent is fought.


Kent has a simple move set. He will attempt to roundhouse kick or Sparta kick the player if he close by. He will use his pistol in longer ranges. His kicks tend to leave him open for a little while. Kent is not too difficult as a psychopath and can be defeated with a little ease. His pistol shots can be more difficult to dodge.


After his defeat, Kent states for Frank to take his picture. Frank, disgusted by his act, tosses his camera away.

Chop til you dropEdit

Kent is not a psychopath in Dead Rising: Chop til you drop. Instead, he is replaced by a zombie version of him: Zombie Kent.


Dead Rising Bosses Kent

Dead Rising Bosses Kent

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