I want to hear you Scream!

–A Haitian

Haitian Gang
Some attributes
First Enemies
Second Little Haiti
Third Voodoo Car
Other attributes

Haitians are a street gang from GTA Vice City. They are enemies of the Cubans. They are hostile towards Tommy after the mission, Trojan Voodoo.


They at first neutral at Tommy. They will attack him if he steals one of their cars or fires at them. After the Trojan Voodoo mission, they will always be hostile at Tommy.


They use pistols most of the time. In some missions, they used Rugers, PGM Sniper Rifles, and SMGs. They only used a PGM in one mission.


They drive a low-rider like car called a Voodoo. It has a burgundy color and is found in Little Haiti and rarely, Downtown.


Tommy can work for Auntie Paula but after completing the missions, Tommy is no longer welcomed in Little Haiti.

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