Grabbing Ghosts are enemies in the video game Luigi's Mansion. They are common throughout the game. The player will first encounter them in Area 2 and will appear more often afterwards.


Grabbing Ghosts are slim but long eel like ghosts. They come in grey, red, blue, and purple. Grey ones have 10 health but deal no damage. Red ones have 20 health but are able to deal damage. Blue and Purple Grabbing Ghosts are invisible but their shadows can be seen. They also have 20 health and deals damage. Once they grab on, the player must shake the control stick to lose them. Upon getting sucked up, they yell a loud shriek.


  • Bathroom (1st Floor, Grey)
  • Storage Room (Red)
  • Mirror Room (Blue)
  • Laundry Room (Grey and Red)
  • Projector Room (Purple)
  • Pipe Room (Red and Gray)
  • Astral Hall (Grey)
  • Artist's Studio (Red)
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