A Crying Ghast
Some attributes
First Jellyfish Ghost like creatures
Second Nether Mobs
Third Valuable Drop
Other attributes

Ghasts are enemies from the game Minecraft. They are hostile mobs found in the Nether Dimension. They are jellyfish like creatures but with a ghostly appearance. They make loud crying and screeching noises whenever the player hits the ghast or as ambience.


Large 4 by 4 by 4 mobs. They are somewhat common but not as much as Zombie Pigmen. They have multiple tentacles as well. When angered, they have red bloodshot eyes rather than normal.


Commonly, they will shoot a fireball at your Nether Portal which can unlight your portal, meaning you can't escape unless you can repair your portal. However, Ghasts can relight portals as well.


Ghasts attack by shooting out fireballs that set fire in a 3-5 radius around it's impact point.


  • Ghast Tears => Used for potions. Difficult to obtain as they may fall in lava or areas to high for the player to reach.
  • Gunpowder => Used for TNT or making splash potions.
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