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Grove Street suck my dick!

–A balla

Front Yard Ballas
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Some attributes
First Main Gang Enemies
Second Hails around Jefferson, Southern Los Santos
Third Drives Low-riders
Other attributes

The Front Yard Ballas are a gang in GTA San Andreas. They are one of the main enemy gangs in the game. They have turf around the Southern areas of Los Santos. They are mainly at war with the Grove Street Families.

Drug BusinessEdit

The Ballas have a large drug trafficking area around Ganton. They deal drugs around the local area. After CJ's Return, the drug house is busted up.


They've only enemies seem to be the local authorities and the Grove Street Families


Most Ballas will carry 9mm Pistols and Micro Uzis'. During Gang Warfare, they can use AK-47s and SMGs. They can carry shotguns during a defense warfare.

Gang WarfareEdit

After the mission Doberman, CJ can take over their turf. For the first few attacks, the Ballas are unprepared and easy to kill. Afterwards, they can be heavily armed and more dangerous. They can also attack Family Turf.

Green SabreEdit

It was revealed that the Ballas were shown to be affiliated with the murder of CJ's mother and the corruption of Ryder and Big Smoke.