First One
First One
Some attributes
First First Boss of Game
Second Lots of Health
Third Attack Pattern similar to a Rager
Other attributes

The First One is a boss in the game Dead Trigger 2. It is the first boss the player will face. It is incredibly strong and will take many hits to kill it.


In a Campaign Mission in Asia, the player will have to fight and KILL the First One. A Chopper with machine guns will occasionally help the player but the player must deal the most damage. Regular Zombies will aid the One. The player will notice it attacks in a similar fashion to a Rager. The player can use this to his/her advantage and kill it.


During the final Asia Campaign Mission, two scientists conduct an autopsy on the One's body. The player must protect the 2 scientists for about a minute until you are sent to check out an explosion. The player will find a military tank and returns to the scientists to find one of them dead and the One's body missing while the other scientist says:"We're screwed."...


In the Europe Campaign, the player will investigate the factory and faces 2 Clones of the One. The player will have to beat both in order to beat the mission. It can be noted that they can damage each other as well if they ram each other.

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