An Enderman
Some attributes
First Neutral Mob
Second Can become hostile
Third Able to teleport and pick up blocks.
Other attributes

Endermen are enemies that are found in the game Minecraft. They are neutral mobs but become hostile upon becoming provoked.


At night time, Endermen will spawn around the over world. They wander around picking up random blocks or teleporting. They have a tendency to spawn in groups of 2-3. Endermen are the only mob that spawns in the dimension known as "The End" along with the Enderdragon.

The EndEdit

In the dimension called "The End", Endermen populate the entire dimension. They will walk around aimlessly and guard the Enderdragon.


Enderman can pick up several blocks. They can pick up dirt, grass, Mycelium, Flowers, TNT and sand. Enderman will put these blocks in random areas or they will teleport away.

Pocket EditionEdit

Enderman were added in Alpha 0.9. They can pick up blocks but do not seem to place them down. They do not seem to disappear after daytime unlike the PC and Console versions. They were attracted to water before the Alpha 0.10 version.

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