Diaz's Gang
Three gang members
Some attributes
First Loyal to Diaz
Second Starfish Island
Third No longer exists
Other attributes

Diaz's Gang are a gang run by Diaz in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. They are loyal to him only but are destroyed after the missions "Death Row" and "Rub Out".


Similar to most GTA gangs, they are neutral towards Tommy but can provoked by attacking them only as they have no official gang cars.


They most commonly carry Pistols around. In the mission Death Row, they carry Rugers, Double barrel shotguns, and Uzi's. In Rub Out, they only carry Uzis.


They have no official vehicle. They are only seen driving a Comet in Death Row.


After the events of Diaz's death, most of his men are killed too. Tommy takes over and any of Diaz's leftover men then become loyal to Tommy.

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