You have big cajones man

–Rico, on of the main Cubans

A group of Cubans
Some attributes
First Gang
Second Neutral
Third Little Havana
Other attributes

Cubans are a street gang in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. They are mainly found in the area around Little Havana but during the gang war, they are spread out across the city.


They are neutral towards Tommy throughout the whole game showing a rather friendly relation. They only attack Tommy if he steals a Cuban Hermes or Tommy fires at them.


Cubans will drive a Cuban Hermes, which is a Hermes with a black paintjob and fire vinyl's.


Cubans use side arms such as Pistols. On the occasion, mainly in missions, they armed with sub machine guns and assault rifles.


Tommy can work for the Cubans which destroy the Haitians drug factory in turn. After completing them, the Haitians will become hostile towards Tommy. However, the drug factory mission only becomes available after completing all Haitian missions.

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