The Creeper
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First Explosive Surprise...
Second Common Hostile Mob
Third Charged Creeper Form as Well
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Creepers are hostile mobs in Minecraft. They are found commonly in dark areas or at night. They attack much differently than what most mobs do.

Attack StyleEdit

Creepers will commonly sneak up on the player and explode in a suicidal type. They are strong enough to leave a 3 by 3 hole and kill the player.


Creepers drop gunpowder which can be used to make TNT. If killed by a Skeleton, they will also drop a disc.


Creepers explode in about 1.5 seconds.

Charged VariantEdit

If lightning strikes against a Creeper, they will become charged an more powerful. They have triple the explosion power.

See AlsoEdit


  • Creepers are the only mobs that attack in a suicidal fashion.
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