Chicken Jockey
Some attributes
First Very Rare
Second Three Types
Third Combo Mob
Other attributes

Chicken Jockey are enemies from Minecraft. They are incredibly rare mob, possibly even the rarest in the game. Chicken Jockeys can be spawned in creative mode through commands. They can also be found in survival mode. The chance of a chicken jockey is predicted below or near 1% in many cases.


When a baby zombie, zombie villager, or zombie pigman is spawned, they have a chance of riding on top of the chicken.


  • Baby Zombie
  • Baby Zombie Villager
  • Baby Pigman


The Zombie will control the chicken. Chicken Jockeys sustain no fall damage at all due to chickens not taking any fall damage.


Depending on the type, it is very rare to find a chicken jockey in survival. An incredibly rare sight is an armored baby zombie on a chicken.

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