Why do adults have to be so big?

–Chauncey to Luigi

Chauncey is a ghost in Luigi's Mansion. He is a portrait ghost and the final boss of Area 1.


Chauncey is the last ghost in Area 1. After unlocking the Nursery, the player must use the vacuum to shake the rocking horse to get Chauncey's attention. After doing so, Chauncey will want to "play a game". Luigi must use his vacuum to get a ball and fire it at the infant ghost. After doing so, the boss battle begins.

Boss BattleEdit

Luigi is transported to an arena to face Chauncey. The player must avoid large flying rocking horses and balls. After avoiding such, only one of the several balls that attack remain and the player must fire it at Chauncey, similar to before. This process must be repeated until Chauncey's health is 0 (usually 2-3 times). Depending on how much health the player has left, that will determine the quality of the frame.

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