Cave Spider
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A Cave Spider
Some attributes
First Poison
Second Abandoned Mineshafts
Third 1/2 Spaces
Other attributes

Cave Spiders are hostile neutral mobs from the game Minecraft. Cave Spiders share similarities to a regular spider but have some differences. Cave Spiders are only found in Abandoned Mineshafts.


Cave Spiders will spawn in monster spawners in an Abandoned Mineshafts. They can spawn in multiple groups.


  • Their bite can inflict the poison effect on the player
  • They are smaller
  • They have blue-black colors


A bucket of milk is important. Since Cave Spiders can poison the player, the milk will cure you. Food is of a major importance to heal. Weapons such as Iron Swords are a good combat weapon. Bows are also of use if players would rather not attack head on.

Pocket EditionEdit

Cave Spiders were added in Alpha 0.11.0. They were added to accompany poison status effect which was implemented.

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