Blue Twirlers are enemies in the video game Luigi's Mansion. They first make an appearance in Area 3. Compared to other ghosts, they are slightly more powerful.


Blue Twirlers are large blue ghosts with glowing dominant yellow eyes. They attack by literally slamming the ground which causes an aftershock. If Luigi gets caught in this aftershock, he will lose a portion of his health. Since Blue Twirlers have a tendency to spawn in two's, they can often be trouble.


Blue Twirlers can be found in:

  • Safari Room (First)
  • Balcony (Blackout)
  • Telephone Room (Blackout)
  • Armory
  • Nursery (Blackout)
  • Sealed Room
  • Artist's Studio (Last)

Note that they appear in multiple areas during the blackout. These are areas that standout due important things or Speedy Spirits

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