A Blaze
Some attributes
First Nether Mob
Second Nether Fortresses
Third Drops a valuable item
Other attributes
Fourth Makes a metallic breathing sounds

Blazes are enemies from the game Minecraft. They are hostile mobs that spawn in the Nether dimension. Blazes are found inside Nether Fortresses along with the occasional Wither Skeleton. Blazes attack by shooting fire.


Blazes spawn through monster spawners inside the Nether Fortresses. Multiple of them can be found inside the structure. In creative mode, they can spawned through their spawn eggs.


Upon its defeat, A blaze may drop a blaze rod which can be used as fuel supply and a potion. It may also drop glowstone dust making them a renewable resource for glowstone dust.


The player should have a good weapon such as an iron sword to beat them. A Potion of Fire Resistance can be helpful for the player.

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