Baby Pigman
A Baby Pigman
Some attributes
First Can become a Chicken Jockey
Second Moves much faster
Third Usually found in a group
Other attributes

Baby Zombie Pigmen are an enemy found in the game Minecraft. They are a baby variant of the Zombie Pigman. They are a much more dangerous threat than a regular Pigman. The player can expect to find at least one in every large group of Pigmen. They are only found in the Nether.


If a player does decide to attack one, they should be on a pillar that is at least 3 to 4 blocks high. The Baby Pigman can run much faster than a regular Pigman and it can be noted that Pigman run 1.5 times faster than the player. They are able to catch the player even while sprinting. A potion of swiftness may help in evading them.


If the player must defend him/her self, the player should run and find higher ground. Baby Pigmen can fit through 1 by 1 holes. Try pillars in order to run away.


Baby Pigmen are the patrollers of the group. They are stronger and faster so precautions should be taken. Since Zombie Pigmen run 1.5 times faster and baby zombie Pigmen run faster than that.

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