Baby Zombie
A baby zombie
Some attributes
First Rarer
Second Faster
Third Does not burn in sunlight
Other attributes

Baby Zombies are hostile mobs in Minecraft. They are smaller and more dangerous versions of a regular zombie. They can spawn with armor on very rare occasions. They are much faster than a zombie.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Compared to a normal zombie, a baby zombie:[1]

  • Does not burn in sunlight
  • Runs much faster than the adult zombie
  • Can fit through small holes (1 by 1 holes)


A baby zombie has a low overall chance of spawning. Even more rarely will they spawn with a full set of armor.


Baby Zombies can become Chicken Jockeys if they ride a chicken. In this state, they do not take any fall damage. The chance of one occurring is lower than 0.5% in most cases. Even lower if it has armor.


Since they are a little deadlier, precautions should be taken. Attacking from a distance always works well. Iron Swords always works well.


  • Rotten Flesh, similar to adult zombies.
  • Experience.
  • Armor, if equipped.
  • Weapon, if equipped.

Pocket EditionEdit

Baby Zombies were added in Alpha 0.11. Similar to their PC counterparts, they spawn rarely and are quicker.

See AlsoEdit


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