These are the rules for the wiki.

Vandalism Edit

  • As a general rule, do not vandalize pages. This means adding or erasing content that shouldn't belong on the page.
    • Administrators, a warning must be issued first. If it continues a block may then be registered.

Forums Edit

  • Do not cause flame wars in any thread.
    • Administrators and Forum Mods, erase the flame posts, and address a warning to the users involved.
  • Do not create spam threads.
    • Admins and Forum Mods, either close or remove the thread, and warn the user(s) who created the thread
  • While is not generally something worth of ban level, avoid necrobumping threads.

Comments Edit

  • Swearing is allowed in the comments but within limits.
    • Admins, delete any extreme comments and warn the user(s)
  • Flaming, is again not allowed for comments
    • Admins, delete the comments and warn any users involved

Alternate Accounts Edit

  • An Alternate Account is allowed for the wiki but not for the following purposes:
    • For Ban Evasions. Doing so will result in the alternate account blocked.
    • For mal purposes. This means for flaming, vandalism, or any other rule-breaking purpose.

Chat Edit

Chat Rules

Copyrights Edit

  • All copyrighted material that does not have permission for use will be deleted and the user will be warned, and if done again, it will result in a block.

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